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20 September 12

Water Baby Names For Boys

When parents are looking into names with meaning, water-inspired baby names are quite popular. Why not consider naming your new baby after the cool, calm waters?

Please click on the names for their pronunciation, origin, meaning and popularity ranking. See here for Water Names For Girls.

Water-Related Word Names

























Names With Water-Related Meanings

Aberforth– From the river

Aenon – Water spring

Aquarius  Water

Arroyo – Brook; Creek

Atwater – At the water

Beck – Stream

Bered – Hail

Bo – Wave

Bourne – Stream

Brooke – Brook

Bruinen – Loud water

Calder – Stream

Caol – Narrows; Channel; Strait

Cari – Flows like water

Caspian – Caspian sea

Clifford – River crossing by the cliff

Clyde – River Clyde

Conway – Holy water

Dathan – Fountain

Deniz – Sea

Douglas – Dark river

Dover – Water

Dylan – Son of the sea

Eärendil – Lover of the sea

Ecthelion – Of the water

Gal – Wave

Guadalupe – River of the wolf

Hali – The sea

Hurley – Sea tide

Indra – Possessing drops of rain

Irvin – Green water

Irving – Green water

Jabal – Stream

Jafar – Stream

Jorah – Autumn rain

Jordan – Flowing down

Jubal – Stream

Kai – Sea

Kawai– The water

Kelvin – Narrow water

Kenn – Bright water

Kyle – Narrows, Channel, Strait

Lachlan – From the land of lakes

Laguna - Lagoon

Laiken – Lake

Leith - Broad river

Leven  Flood

Lincoln – Town by the lake

Llŷr – The sea

Lynn – Lake

Marin – Of the sea

Marinus – Of the sea

Marlin – Sea fortress

Marlow – Drained lake

Marlowe – Drained lake

Maxwell – Great stream

Mizuko – Water child

Monroe – Mouth of the River Roe

Moore – Moor

Morcant – Sea circle

Morgan – Sea circle

Mortimer – Still water

Muir – Moor; Sea

Muriel Bright sea

Murphy – Sea warrior

Murray – Settlement by the sea

Nebraska – Flat water

Neptune – God of the sea

Nerio – Water

Nereus – Water

Oceanus – Ocean

Pelagius – The sea

Peleg – Channel

Poseidon – God of the sea

Ren - Water Lily

Rio – River

Ross – Peninsula

Seaton – Town by the sea

Strom – Stream

Thames – River Thames

Trent – Gushing waters

Triton – Messenger of the sea

Tullius – Heavy rain

Wade – River crossing

Yarrow – Rough stream

Yuval – Stream

Zale – Strength of the sea

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